Lease Reminders

The following information is in your lease and is repeated here for your convenience.

- You can set up automatic payments via our website by creating an account. If you prefer, payment can be mailed to M30 Self Storage, PO Box 516, Beaverton, MI 48612.
- If you move or change your email or phone number, let us know! If payments are missed for any reason, we need to be able to reach you by postal mail.
- We encourage you to insure the contents of your storage unit. Your homeowner’s insurance may provide coverage but please talk to your insurance agent.
- No monthly statements or reminders are sent. If you miss your required payments, your property will be put up for auction and sold!

When you move in:
- You can only put one lock on your storage unit door.
- Your storage unit is to store your personal property.
- You cannot store any of these things: flammables, stolen property, perishables, hazardous or toxic materials, explosives, ammunition, anything alive or dead, food of any type, stolen property, guns or any illegal items.

When you move out:
- Give at least ten (10) days notice via email, text, or phone.
- Leave the storage unit empty and broom clean.
- Remove the lock or you will continue to be charged rent.