Auction Thursday, May 13th, at 1:30pm

Disposition of Personal Property

For nonpayment of storage charges at M30 Self Storage, 3492 M 30, Beaverton, MI 48612, the following personal property will be auctioned on Thursday, May 13th, 2021, at 1:30pm.

- Chris West, Unit 2: kitchen items, books, spices, clothes, drill bits, meat grinder, four coffee dispensers, Hello Kitty purse, household items, and more.
- Rita Urban, Unit 8: old refrigerator, tool box, speakers, boxes of papers, TV, VHS tapes, clothes, plywood, lawn ornament, suitcase, old cupboard with counter, spotlight, household items, and more.
- Cheryl Walding, Unit 35: clothes, chair, records, Christmas decorations, household items, and more.
- Cheryl Walding, Unit 40: dressers, washing machine, heater, Christmas decorations, household items, and more.
- Donald Fuller, Unit 56: small plug-in oven, books/movies, plastic wagon, wooden bench, totes, bag chairs, bassinet, bike trailer for children, TV & stand, wooden shelf, princess pop up tent, laundry hamper/sorter, exersaucer, kids clothes, household items, and more.
- Jasmine Cottelit, Unit 63: toaster oven, wave board, kitchen table and chairs, dresser, baby bouncer, cooler, sleeping bags, wine stand, bed and frame, couch, household items, and more.

The auction will take place at M30 Self Storage, corner of Knox Rd and M30.

Click here for the auction rules.