Auction Rules

Our auctioneer will give verbal rules at each auction which may amend or add to the following.
-  Bidding Form. Please arrive at the storage facility 10-15 minutes early to allow yourself enough time to get familiar with the rules and complete a bidding form. The bidding form will request your name, address, phone number, and your tax exempt status. An incomplete bidding form will be sufficient cause for the auctioneer to terminate a winning bid and resell the unit to the next highest bidder.
-  Payment. CASH ONLY! Full payment must be made before you can remove any merchandise from the storage unit. You will be required to pay the bid amount and a $50 security deposit. Cash is the only accepted method of payment. Please make sure you have enough cash on your person to cover your purchase or the auctioneer will terminate your bid and resell the unit to the next highest bidder.
-  Announcements. Any announcement made the day of the sale, prior to or during the auction, will supersede any other announcement or advertising. The auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bid, place a minimum bid, revoke bidding privileges or cancel the sale completely.
-  Age minimum. Buyers must be over the age of 18 to bid.
-  Inspection. Each unit will be available for inspection before the auction for that unit begins. During inspection process, the auctioneer will remove the lock and open the door. Everyone will have an equal opportunity to inspect the contents of the unit from the doorway. Please do not go inside the unit or touch any items. If you do so, the auctioneer will refuse your bid and ask you to leave the auction. Once everyone has had a fair amount of time to inspect the unit, the auctioneer or storage facility manager will open up the bidding.
-  All items are sold “as is.” Please examine the storage unit thoroughly before placing a bid, because once the auctioneer or storage facility manager says sold, you have bought the unit. All storage units are sold “as is” and without warranties, representations or guarantees. All sales are final.
-  Multi-bid Auction. The auction will be conducted by an auctioneer. The units will be auctioned one at a time. After the inspection period, the auctioneer will solicit bids. Once the highest bid is declared, the auctioneer will accept the payment of the winning bidder who will be given a receipt. The auctioneer will move on to the next unit.
-  Securing the unit. If you win the unit, you must immediately place your own lock on it. The storage facility is not responsible for the contents of the unit after it has been sold.
-  Cleaning out the unit. You have until midnight of the date specified on your receipt to remove all of the contents and sweep the unit clean. If you cannot remove the contents by this time, you have the option of renting the unit, which allows you to take your time. If you fail to clean out your unit, you will lose your security deposit and be banned from future auctions.
-  Security deposit. You are required to pay a $50 security deposit on every unit you purchase. This deposit is fully refundable if the unit is clean and left in broom swept condition by midnight of the date specified on your receipt. Once you are finished cleaning out the unit, please call the property manager, who will inspect the unit to verify that all of the contents have been removed, no damage has occurred, and that the unit has been swept out. If the unit has been cleaned out properly, the property manager will mail your security deposit to you at the address on your receipt.
-  Personal items. If you find personal items inside of the unit, please contact the property manager so they can be returned to the tenant. Personal items include government issued licenses or ID, social security cards, tax and legal documents, birth, death and marriage certificates, medical records, diplomas, family photographs, personal paperwork/computer records, and work history on computer hardware or computer disc.
-  Common courtesy. Please be civil toward the auctioneer, property manager, and other bidders. Anyone that is disruptive or causes an altercation will be asked to leave and will be barred from attending future auctions. If you bring children, they must be supervised at all times, or you will be asked to leave. Please, no smoking and no alcohol.
-  Disputes. The auctioneer’s decision is final in the event of disputed bids.
M30 Self Storage reserves the right to cancel any auction without prior notice.